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As a Prosthodontist, my primary goal is to listen to your needs and provide the most suitable solution for your case. Recommendations are made after a thorough clinical examination, careful diagnosis, and customized treatment planning. All treatment plans are tailored specifically to your case, and the "one solution fits all" approach is not what we practice.


Any treatment plans that we move forward with are meticulously executed, as I strive for excellence.


Enhancing smiles by carefully analyzing your current smile, tooth form, smile lines and facial features. Virtual smile designs using specialized design software are utilized to allow you to see the final results and make changes before we begin treatment. All our esthetic crowns and veneers are made out of hand-layered porcelain that is personalized to every case.




Rehabilitation of complex cases of chipped, worn down, decayed or missing teeth or using implants, bonded restorations and crowns aided by digital technology for precise planning, careful execution and predictable outcomes.

Full Mouth



Conserving natural tooth structure is important—bonded inlays, onlays and overlays are restorations that provide the same general protective benefits of crowns, but are specially designed to preserve tooth structure and are made out of glass ceramics.


Bonded Restorations

Bonded Restorations


Replacing single or multiple missing teeth using virtual 3-dimensional planning, careful space analysis, meticulous surgical technique and customized final restorations that are made to last.


Placement & Restorations


Digitally designed and carefully put together for ideal fit and highly esthetic outcomes. Digital dentures typically take less appointments to complete, function better, are highly predictable, and last longer due to the use of machine milled acrylics for their fabrication. Implants may be added to stabilize dentures or convert them to a fully fixed solution


& Implant Supported Dentures




Intraoral Scanner

In the age of modern technology, digital intraoral scanners, 3-dimensional x-rays, digitally designed restorations and others are a integral part of our practice. Our expertise with digital technology not only provides predictable and repeatable results, but significantly improves patient comfort and shortens appointment times.

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